Instruction was very clear and easy to follow , very comfortable pace and very informative. I've worked on towmotors and reach trucks for 21 years and still learned some valuable information

Dan Lanteigne (St.Catharines)
Commercial Defensive Driving Training

Motor vehicle accidents are a familiar sight on our roads and highways. So familiar, in fact, that many of us pay little or no attention to them until we experience one ourselves. Only then do we begin to realize the inconvenience and potential physical, financial, and legal consequences of causing, or simply being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

This seminar is divided into 5 modules and can be delivered in 2-4 hours depending on the customer's specific requirements:

  • The Law
  • The Driver
  • The Vehicle
  • The Environment
  • Driving Defensively

Take a pro-active approach to Occupational Health & Safety by providing your drivers with defensive driving instruction (recognized by Transport Canada).

Defensive driving is a philosophy based on responsibility. It is not simply about driving skills but, rather, encompasses everything that takes place on our roads and highways. The defensive driver not only takes responsibility for his or her own vehicle and driving practices but assumes the responsibility of effectively and safely dealing with adverse driving conditions and mistakes made by other drivers. Commercial defensive driving will enhance your drivers ability to always demonstrate safe driving practices. Defensive driving is an art and encompasses everything associated with driving a motor vehicle.

Due diligence in the workplace is made up of seven components

  • accident reporting
  • accident investigation
  • training programs
  • identifying hazards
  • communicating hazardous information
  • monitoring
  • policies and procedures

These seven steps must all be solidly linked together in order to form a due diligence defense. Assuming that drivers with a certain class of license are fully qualified to drive a certain class of vehicle is a common mistake made by some employers. Assuming that a driver is qualified will not stand up in court in the event that charges are laid. The Occupational Health and Safety Act says "you MUST provide training for your employees". Let Transportation Safety Training help you build, or maintain the seven step process to due diligence.


"This course has definitely changed my whole attitude about driving.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and used many everyday examples.   This is the best course that I have ever attended.  Carl's information about leadership skills was excellent. This course opens your eyes to the possible severe outcomes of traffic accidents I'll be driving more defensive from now on.  I will use the information I learned today in my everyday life at home as well as driving, I never dreamed there were so many factors that contribute to the way I drive the instructor teaches with passion and is very knowledgeable."