Really great course!  Informative, hands on training and knowledgeable instructors.  I loved that they came out to our location which made it easier for our staff.

Carl (niagara)
Low/High Lift Pallet Truck Operator

Low lift pallet truck operator training (includes motorized reach truck, stacker, and walkie type lifting devices)

All too often the concept of practicing due diligence is overlooked with regards to low lift pallet trucks. The Occupational Health And Safety Act clearly outlines the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee with regards to lifting devices. Fines of up to $500,000.00 can be imposed by the Ministry Of Labour should one of your employees be involved in an accident while operating a lifting device. The most recent fines imposed by the Ministry Of Labour can be found at

The Low lift pallet truck operator training course is a 3 hour course. Included in the cost is the participant's manual, knowledge verification for your records, a practical evaluation, and a wallet card.

Remember that employers have a legal responsibility to train their staff

Course outline:

  • Legal Basics (Occupational Health and Safety Act) exercise
  • Characteristics of the equipment (center of gravity)
  • Handling characteristics (floor surfaces, environment etc)
  • Inspecting the equipment
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Moving the lift truck on various terrains (uphill, downhill etc)
  • Stacking procedures and safety symbols
  • Loading dock hazards
  • Parking the vehicle
  • Protective equipment
  • Battery and charging procedures
  • The operator



  • Learn the legal responsibilities of the operator and the employer
  • Recognize the hazards associated with the safe operation of a pallet truck
  • Learn and understand the qualities of a safe operator
  • Identify and discuss site-specific safety hazards
  • Identify and discuss safety hazards pertaining to the delivery person
  • Verify the participant's knowledge by completing knowledge verification


"This course is at it's best, nothing needs to be changed Carl allowed us to express our sense of humour but at the same time was in complete control of the room, great job you don't really believe how much the fines can be until you actually see them in black and white this course was to the point yet very informative as the owner, I feel much better taking a pro-active approach to health and safety by providing training for my employees, thank you for a job well done, very organized."